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Welcome to Farm to School

Farm to School is a not-for-profit, healthy and profitable choice in fundraising available to schools and licensed daycares across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. We understand that profitability is important when choosing a fundraiser so Farm to School offers 50% of total sales back to schools and daycares.

This vegetable fundraiser also helps promote healthy eating by supporting school and daycare nutrition policies and recommendations. In addition, our donation option, allows participants to help support community food banks across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Support a School/Daycare
Welcome and thank you for supporting our school/daycare. To begin placing an order click on start shopping. You can purchase for yourself or to donate to the food bank.
Become a Partner
Is your school or daycare interested in fundraising with us? The Farm to School program is PROFITABLE - 50% of all sales kept by schools and daycares; EASY - simple, streamlined fundraising process, free delivery; DONATE - able to purchase and have product delivered to the food bank.